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Remove ALL the stress, confusion, running around, and countless decisions common with doing a renovation by having one of our  experienced designers /renovation-consultants help you get the exact style, look and functionality you want in your home, on time and on budget, all while saving you thousands!

How to Get A Magazine Finish on a Tight Budget

Discover our step by step comprehensive and professional training to revealing how to renovate like a pro for yourself and create predictable profit time and time again, quickly and  simply with a system that has been proven over 100 times already.  

About Us

Renovate & Real Estate

We teach and help others to get amazing results with their renovations on the budgets they have,

…and even teach more experienced renovators how to launch lucrative new careers as renovation consultants.

We are pioneers in this industry and already have students who are making a full time living doing what they love most – Renovating!


Successfully renovating is an acquired skill that many people don’t recognise because the “reno shows” on TV make it look so easy. What they don’t show you is the massive task it is to manage the trades, getting the design right and choosing style and colour palettes that give you a coherent design and overall look.

As renovation consultants we:


Start with an in-depth chat about your goals, personal style and living situation. We’ll then make specific recommendations to help you achieve your goals and avoiding overcapitalisation


We minimise your stress by narrowing down the choices you need to make to get the look and functionality you want for the budget you have to work with. We can save you thousands on most renovations.


We coordinate your project end to end using our trusted trades or yours to keep the whole renovation progressing without time-consuming stoppages or costly errors


The team at ‘Renovate & Real Estate’ have been in the renovation space for over 30 years where they have boosted equity, improved their lifestyle and transformed tired old houses into record-breaking gems* you’d be proud to live in, rent or sell.

*Several of our renovations have achieved record-breaking prices for the area after receiving one of our transformations.

How to get a Magazine cover look on a k-mart budget

When it comes to renovating most people underestimate the number of decisions you have  to make: 

Consider flooring? Trim? Which tiles to use? Which tapware? Basins? Fixtures and fittings? Which cabinetry and layout will be the best use of the space? How about the garden? Moving walls? And you haven’t even got to colour yet!    …These questions are just the tip of the iceberg and each is a stumbling block that can slow your renovation down and cost you dearly if you get it wrong.

We can show you how to streamline the entire process so you never get stuck or make those dreaded costly mistakes.

Love Renovating and Styling?

We are pioneers in the renovation consultant industry… 

Over the last few years we have developed a simple-step by-step strategy to set up and launch your own renovation consultancy, and create a brand new lucrative, fun and exciting career helping people streamline, style and manage their renovating projects


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