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You’re not handed a fancy looking plan left to your own devices. With a Renovation Consultant we’re here to help you all the way from beginning to end.


It starts with an in-depth chat about your goals, personal style and living situation. We’ll then make specific recommendations to achieve your goals, get the exact look you want and make sure everything’s done on budget.


Next, you’re presented with the styles, materials and ideas that fit the look and functionality you’re after. By taking care of the creative exploration, we save you from hours scrolling Pinterest, visiting showrooms and cutting out magazine pages.


You’re not handed a fancy looking plan left to your own devices. With a Renovation Consultant, your renovation plans are implemented. From managing and recruiting trusted trades, coordinating suppliers to dealing with admin, everything is handled.

Sometimes, its best left to the Experts

The results of a renovation are incredibly rewarding. But with everything else you’ve got going on in your busy life, who’s got the time? Sure, you could figure it out and manage all the pieces if you put your mind to it. But maybe it’s simply not your idea of fun. Or how you want to be spending your weekends. Once you have a vision in mind, sometimes it’s easier to leave it to the expert hands of a Renovation Consultant.

Get matched to Renovation Consultants at no cost to you. No matter the budget, location, project or scope we have someone just right for the job.

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From first designs, planning, styling to working with trades, an experienced Renovation Consultant can help you achieve the exact look you imagined for your home – without the stress!

Renovate in a

Fraction of the Time

Time is money is never truer than when it comes to renovating.

Renovating a property to flip? Each day lost delays your return — and lowers your ROI. Renovating your own home? Hold ups mean more rent to pay in the meantime (or more time spent squeezed into your parents’ place).

A Renovation Consultant makes the renovation process happen at top speed. With less downtime and holdups, you can start living in your dream home sooner. Or get a return on your investment faster.


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