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Belinda Smith. Undercover Cop turned professional Renovator, Consultant, Renovation business Coach and Speaker

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Walking away from 21 years as a Senior Constable of the NSW Police Force and starting a business from scratch as CEO of renovation education business Renovate and Real Estate, seemed like an impossible mountain to climb. It required leaning on every transferrable skill, studying, learning on the fly, taking a leap of faith, and doing the work.

Unsurprisingly, I saw in others what I had experienced myself. It is common for people to devalue their own skillset and experience fear when they consider leaving their current role to follow a completely different path, especially for anyone who has come from a unique career. 

The truth is, that there are skills and abilities which are relevant and helpful across different areas of life: socially and professionally and anything is achievable. Others see more in us than we see in ourselves; with the right community, the transition can be seamless.

On the other side of the transition, is a sense of achievement, a new community, and a whole new set of skills. We learn from each other and in that way we all succeed.

Belinda facilitates renovation workshops, hosts a popular Podcast called “More Than Renovating”, and was named one of Y-Magazine’s top 10 Businesswomen to watch in 2020.

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The Bravest Pursuit

This Undercover Cop turned professional renovator will have you sitting on the edge of your chair, but her tales of sieges and armed holdups were not her bravest pursuit.

Belinda takes you on a journey from pursuing criminals to the one moment it took to walk away, exchanging a gun for a hammer. The drug bust gone wrong and what happened that day, ended it all.

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Belinda will travel from Sydney, Australia or appear virtually.

Womens groups, Career change, retirees, veterans, defence forces, nurses, and teachers

Please contact to discuss. Call-0419496625

Motivation, inspiration, building confidence and starting over.

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