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Dreaming of transforming your property into something beautiful? Or, are you imagining flipping homes as an empowering new career, experiencing the excitement you see on reality TV shows?

Either way, if the urge to renovate has even crossed your mind for an instant, then you’re in the perfect place.

With the right system renovating can become simple, stress-free and extremely lucrative. And we help you achieve this profitable and hassle-free reality in three proven ways…

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*Important: due to one-on-one nature of the coaching, places are limited.

Your Renovation Coach
Belinda Smith

Belinda Smith is a speaker and business coach in the property and renovation space, and the director of Renovate and
Real Estate.

With her 30+ years of Property Investment experience, she has taught over 700 private students and over 55k online followers the key strategies to renovating for lifestyle, income
and profit.

After spending 21 years in the Police Force, Belinda turned her attention full-time into renovating, property investment and has qualifications in Real Estate and Finance
(Mortgage Broking).

Belinda has been featured on Sky News Business Real Estate show, has been published in Real Estate Institute magazine, Bunnings magazine, On the House, Houzz, has appeared on the cover as the headline feature for Australian Property Investor magazine and recently was dubbed by Ymagazine as ‘one of the top 10 Business women to watch in 2020.’

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Renovations that leave you and everyone else utterly speechless, transforming tired old houses into record breaking gems* see the transformations ourselves, our clients and our students have achieved.

An Inspired Community Achieving Extraordinary Things

Humbly speaking, we’ve pioneered the renovation industry.
For over 30 years, we’ve converted tired old homes into liveable palaces. Turned rundown houses into record-breaking sales. And transformed ordinary lives into the freedom to wake up every morning and do something you love.

Like you, it all started with a burning desire to live a different kind of life. Now we share our hard-won knowledge and wisdom with others inspired to change.

Ours is no ordinary community. You’ve found a collective of hundreds of passionate, positive and empowered people who turned a simple spark of an idea into something bigger.
Now it’s your turn.

Ready to do amazing things?

Say "I Built This...” About a Property (and Life) You Love...

There’s nothing quite like the touch and feel of renovating. Change literally unfolds before your eyes – in yourself and the property. And this incredible transformation starts right here.

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Learn to renovate for love, lifestyle and profit and achieve magazine worthy results on a shoestring budget.

Learn everything you need to know to design, style and create beautiful homes and sales/record breaking investment properties, even if you have zero renovating experience.’

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Mastered the skill of renovating any home? Transform your skills and experience into an exciting, fulfilling and lucrative career as a Renovation Consultant for income or profit share.


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Get the dream makeover you crave minus the time and effort. Sometimes it’s best left to the experts…

Need some expert help? Once you have a vision in mind, sometimes it’s easier to leave it to the expert hands of a Renovation Consultant.

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I can’t recommend this event highly enough for current and potential renovators. It has helped me to identify possible pitfalls and opened my eyes to what can be achieved by following the formula

Don M



An informative, well thought out, fantastically put together boot camp that covered everything from financing to styling in an honest and ethical approach. I feel ready & confident to begin with their support. Thanks Belindas

Elly J


Blog Posts

Renovation Marvels: Inspiring JV Journey

We are thrilled to share yet another inspiring success story from our Renovation Mastery community. In today’s blog, we want to introduce you to the dynamic duo, Felicity Walker and Steve Cook, both passionate renovators, who joined forces after meeting at a property event. They discovered the magic that happens when complementary skills merge. Together, they embarked on a joint venture that showcased their expertise and creativity.


The Inspiring Journey of Karen Penn in Renovation Mastery

In today’s blog, we are thrilled to share an incredible success story from one of our outstanding students, Karen Penn, who has been part of Renovation Mastery since 2020. Karen’s journey into the world of renovation is nothing short of inspiring, and her achievements stand as a testament to the transformative power of hard work, dedication, and a vision for a better future.


Transforming Spaces: A Success Story in Renovation Mastery

In our next blog, we are thrilled to share another inspiring success story from one of my outstanding students, Amanda Bird, hailing from the esteemed company, Transforming Squares. As always, we encourage you to reach out to these incredible individuals to learn about their experience with Renovation Mastery. For those passionate about property and investing, this journey promises a deep dive into the art of renovation and invaluable insights into the real estate market.


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