Renovation Consultancy Mastery Course

Take Your Renovating to
the Next Level & Launch Your Own Lucrative
Renovation Consultancy

Turn Your Passion
into a Profession

If you are an experienced renovator, the idea of renovating as a career likely bubbles away inside you. You crave the freedom, control and uncapped income that only comes with running your own business.You know you have the skills to renovate – heck, you have done it before. But renovating for yourself is one thing. The idea for doing it for others? That’s a different story.

There are all the legalities, business planning and finding clients and every other minute detail you need to know. Just thinking about them can be downright overwhelming. Especially if you have never run your own business before. But, if you have renovated before, you are in a unique position to embark on an exciting, empowering and lucrative career as a Renovation Consultant. All it takes is the right guidance and blueprint…

Build a Lucrative
(and Limitless)Business

Those renovating skills of yours are your golden ticket to financial freedom. Your experience and knowledge are in demand – and can easily be transformed into a highly lucrative Renovation Consultancy business. Becoming a Renovation Consultant enables you to renovate at scale. Build a team, work on multiple projects at once and uncap your income potential. Best of all, you don’t need an expensive degree, four years of study or a huge bankroll to start.

It’s no exaggeration to say there’s work everywhere – in every suburban street. How big you grow is ultimately up to you. Go big or just enjoy the lifestyle. Either way, it’s your chance to finally release your entrepreneurial spirit…

Wake Up Every Morning
Doing What You Love

Imagine starting each day filled with enthusiasm, energy and excitement knowing you are working on something meaningful. No more tedious meetings, reporting to a boss or dreary commute to an office.

Becoming a Renovation Consultant is for ambitious, creative and inspired souls who dream of working on their life’s passion.
The reward of seeing your vision come to life is hard to describe. More than that, it can give you total lifestyle independence. A luxury few people in the world have – but everyone deserves. And this is your chance to seize it.

A Done-for-You Business Model You Can Launch Today.

We know what it’s like, the hardest part of launching a business is getting started.

Our exclusive private mastermind group gives you an exact blueprint to start, manage and scale a Renovation Consultation business in a few short months. Built on over 30 years of industry experience, it’s your head start, template and shortcut to renovation success.

It’s everything you need to know to turn a passion into a highly lucrative business.

Ready to get started today?

Over 6 life-changing months, you will learn…

  • The powerful ‘Startup Mindset’ to take action and launch your dream business without fear and uncertainty.
  • How to identify your niche, define your brand and positioning, and target your ideal market with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Mastering social media to get noticed, make your brand recognisable and build deep, top tier networks in the property industry.
  • A high-converting, SEO-optimised website that gets found
    easily on Google.
  • How to present our services via a stress free method for generating a consistent deal flow of high paying clients.
  • The ability to create various high-end styles that has clients lining up to work with you, willing to pay top dollar.
  • The art of increasing profitability through multiple streams of income using the strength of your brand, including JV agreements and sponsorships.
  • The smart way to scale and leverage your business for limitless growth by running multiple teams of tradies and employing staff.

Training, Coaching and Mentoring

That‘s Personal

Your success is our success! Unlike other property courses, our relationship is personal. You have direct access to the R.A.R.E Team anytime you need, via…

Facebook Mastermind

Strategy Calls

Online Training

An Exclusive

Direct Access
via Direct Message
or SMS

As a Renovation Consultant, you are helping people realise their dream homes. Making a difference in their lives – and yours too.

Learn everything you need to know to design, style and create beautiful home and sales-record breaking investment properties.

zero renovating experience



A Rewarding,
Creative & Lucrative
Lifestyle Awaits…

Isn’t it time you started working on something you
love? Get in touch today.


*Important: due to one-on-one nature of the
coaching, places are limited.

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