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Renovate and Real Estate (RARE)

Here at Oohm Collective Pty Ltd/Renovate and Real Estate (RARE) we value your privacy. Read our privacy
policy below on what information is collected and how it is used.

RARE collects and stores the following information:

  • Email address, IP address and physical contact information
  • Your uploaded content i.e. photos, blog comments, questions and answers, correspondence between yourself and RARE.

RARE uses cookies (small data tiles that are placed on your computer) for the automatic collection of information and statistics i.e. interaction data: page views, sign-on data, the amount of time spent on each page etc.

Cookies help improve RARE’s ability to provide a better service and experience for the user. They also improve ease of use for visitors e.g. cookies enable automatic log on.

RARE does not sell or rent your personal information to others and values your privacy.

However, we may have to disclose personal information to law enforcement or other government officials in order to investigate illegal activities, if required, as we need to keep the RARE community safe. We also may need to disclose personal information to companies working with us to improve our RARE service, or to protect your rights, property or safety.

RARE will contact you from time to time, to communicate with you directly or offer you special RARE promotions.

“Perfect security” does not exist on the internet, so we do not make guarantees, however we use a variety of security tools to assist in the protection of your information.

View our Terms Of Use for further information.

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