With winter approaching sometimes those outdoor areas can get a little neglected. The verandah, patio or cabana are areas that may be used everyday in summer, but in winter they may not seem as inviting. It is a shame not to use an outdoor area during the cooler months, when there are easy ways to make them cosier! It is a great idea to add cushions, throw rug and blankets to any outdoor area for winter, even adding a table cloth to the table will make it a little warmer. Think soft textiles and plump cushions, knitted throws or even old quilts that you don’t mind using outside. Another idea to make the outdoor area a little more Winter friendly is a rug. There are plenty of outdoor rugs on the market and they come in a vast array of colours and patterns, easy to look after and just make things a little softer beneath the feet. Although candles and lighting don’t add much warmth, they do create a cosy atmosphere and may just make your outside area more inviting during winter. Lastly if budget permits, an outdoor fire is the ultimate in creating a winter-friendly outdoor area! There are so many beautiful fireplace options to choose from. Here is some inspiration for a cosy, winter outdoor area…

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La déco nordique: fauteuil "Swing", coussins, pouf, plaid et couvertures

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