Cheap and easy to work with, pallets make a great DIY material for home décor projects. Be creative and recycle these wood crates to suit your project and create a designer pallet masterpiece.

Pallets come from all over the world and travel far on there journey carrying anything from food to concrete. Once delivered to their destination, most warehouses discard them and are happy for you to take them, so ask around. Once you’ve decided what you want to create from your pallet,  its time to select the correct pallet for the job. First thing is to consider what size pallet you need for the task. Importantly pallets are fumigated. Most pallets are stamped showing how they have been treated, so check to make sure they have not been sprayed with toxic chemicals. Also avoid any that have carted food products to you prevent bacteria contamination. If they are not stamped don’t use them. It is probably wise you wear gloves while you are sorting through and inspecting the pallets to avoid nail punctures and splinters.


pllet stack

Then check their condition. Make sure the timber is in good condition. Check for splitting, warping, any damage and for any sign of termites. Now you have the pallets you need, what’s next?

Equipment you need:

+ pallets

+ soap

+ scrubbing brush

+ hose

+ bucket

+ mask – for when sanding or sawing

+ gloves

+ eye wear

+ sand paper, sander ( hand or powered )

+ hammer

+ nails, saw etc for the particular project you are doing

+ wood varnish or paint

+ paint brush

+ rags



   Be inspired by these creative uses of pallets



pallet 3




painted pallet