Palm Springs is synonymous with style. A mix of Hollywood glamour, sleek lines and modern décor, Palm Springs style is easy to spot. The desert town in California has long been a holiday destination for Hollywood’s finest and the laid back glamour of Palm Springs goes hand in hand with Hollywood style. The architecture of Palm Springs caters for the hot climate, meaning low slung roofs, lots of glass, doors and windows to catch a breeze, and soft colours. The architecture of Palm Springs homes compliments the minimalist landscape of tall palm trees, cactus, succulents and flat ground, often a flat backyard in a Palm Springs home will include a sleek pool and minimalist gardens. Indoors the décor is characterised by lots of white with pops of colour. Furniture is often mid-century modern pieces mixed with sleek design and minimal styling. It’s such an appealing style and one which would also work well in the Australian climate!

Be whisked off to Palm Springs with these amazing homes!

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