I have loved sharing our house journey with you and now we are in the process of renovation, I though I would share that with you too!


What will be the new master bedroom and ensuite.


When we built our house two years ago we knew that we would be extending the house in the future, in fact that is the reason we built the house the way we did! Anyway fast forward two years and we are now extending our little beach house to include a big master bedroom and ensuite. We are so happy to have this space for ourselves and a new second living area that the whole family an use.

Frame up! Carrying on the skillion ceiling from our living room.

When we drew up our plans for the second stage of our build there were a few things we wanted; a large bedroom with the same high ceilings of our living room, a walk in wardrobe with plenty of storage and a much needed second bathroom. The bonus room we have also now got is a second living area/ study. We decided for now we needed this more than a fourth bedroom, as both my husband and I work from home quite a lot. We may, at some stage, build a self contained studio as a fourth bedroom. Essentially a door way was created in the back wall of our house (in our current bedroom) which leads through to our new master bedroom.

New door way cu out in current bedroom.

The extension from outside.

We feel like this has really made our home feel so much larger and given us some much needed space. The outside of the build looks seamless, between the new and the old, which will look great once the new deck is completed along the side of the house. The deck will run the entire length of the backyard, which will create and amazing outdoor living space!

A deck will run the entire length of the backyard, along here.

For the interiors we are keeping it streamlined, so that it works in with the rest of the house, lots of white and natural materials with touches of colour in the decor.

Plastering done!

I’m really excited to get in and style my new bedroom and the second living room/ study, where we have chosen some beautiful wood to create a built in desk and shelving. We are hoping to be finished within a week, so as soon as we are in I will definitely be sharing our renovation with you on our @2beindas instagram, so make sure you are following us to see the reveal!

Bathroom progress!