Choosing an exterior paint colour for your home is a big decision! The outside of a home is the first impression, so getting it right is important. Grey and white is one of the most popular colour combinations for a homes exterior, and for good reason, it’s a classic choice. We are at the stage of choosing colours for the exterior of the home we are building and grey and white are at the top of the list!

It may seem like a straight forward decision, but there are so many shades of grey and white that getting it right is harder than it seems. I love the look of a pale grey with charcoal features or the more tradition light grey with white trim. I have found the best way to choose is to find real life inspiration, different homes in shades of grey. I’m leaning towards a white/grey for the cladding and a dark grey for the sheets of cladding, but I would love to know what everyone thinks, so let me know in the comments.



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