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The 2 Belindas are the renovation experts and editorial contributors of content published on the topic or renovations at Onthehouse.com.au one of Australia’s largest property research sites. View our content at https://renovations.onthehouse.com.au/
Caroline Meehan at Heartfelt Homes is committed to locating suitable emergency accommodation for families from rural and remote areas, so they can be nearby while their loved ones are in hospital. We would love it if you supported her too.

Sell Your Home for a Low Fixed Fee with Upside, Styled by Our Team
The 2 Belindas and our expert team of stylists at RARE, are proud to partner with Upside Realty – the new innovative, full service way to sell your home – without commissions or the expensive price tag.


Karen is our trusted Sydney based Buyers Agent and an expert at identifying a strategy and property to meet the personal and individual needs of any property buyer. Having purchased her 1st property…

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