I wouldn’t say indoor plants are a decor ‘trend’ but more of a staple, its a decor item that is definitely not going anywhere! It seems more than ever we are seeing beautiful indoor plants popping up in homes as a piece of home decor and as a way to add colour to a home. Indoor plants are such a versatile way to add life, colour and texture to any room in your house.


It is amazing to see plants as home decor in rooms that you normally wouldn’t expect it, like the bathroom or laundry and it is such an affordable way to decorate. What we are really loving now is over sized indoor plants! Don’t be restricted to small plants inside, but take a look at how large indoor plants can transform the look of your home.

A large indoor plant creates an amazing focal point in any room and is an inexpensive way to decorate. Big plants with climbing branches or tall trees with large leaves work well in a room with high ceilings, or an entry way. So what are some choices of large indoor plants which will flourish inside your home? Some great choices include Yucca, philodendron, fig, olive tree and umbrella tree. There are also plenty of different ways to pot a large indoor plant, the obvious choice being a large ceramic pot, but also think about a basket or a concrete planter. So next time you are shopping for indoor plants, think about some bigger options and really make a style statement!


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