Best IKEA hacks for your home


Ikea Hacks by Sugar Cloth 

Who doesn’t love IKEA? It has modern style furniture for quite a low price. But, this also means the beautiful furniture you buy for your home, is bought by thousands of others too.  That’s not appealing. Right?

So, why don’t you design a personal touch, give it to your favourite IKEA furniture and make it look unique and expensive.

Here’s a round-up of the ten coolest IKEA hacks on the net.

IKEA Dresser Hack

Ikea hack from

Transform a Common IKEA dresser into something amazing using a little bit of paint, knobs, washers, a few pieces of wood and some glue.

How much easier can this get?

See more at : Thistlewood Farms

IKEA No-Sew Storage Bench

 Ikea hack Mommy Vignette

You can do this too. Turn a simple IKEA bookshelf into a stylish storage bench.

See more at: Mommy Vignettes

IKEA Bathroom Vanity



Give a vintage vibe to the most common IKEA bathroom dresser and make it totally unique.

See more at: The Golden Sycamore 

Modern Pendant Lamp

Ikea hacks Smitten Studio

Create this super easy DIY pendant lamp with an IKEA dish. It’s an ingenious idea and only needs a short list of supplies.

See more at:  Smitten Studio.

DIY wallpaper stools

Ikea hacks This Little Street

IKEA step stools maybe very useful items in your household, whether they are in the kitchen or the nursery. So why not add a little colour and make them interesting?

See more at:  This Little Street.

Window Herb Garden

 Ikea hacks Jillma


Don’t have a backyard of your own? No need to worry. You can have a pretty cool window herb garden with IKEA’s ORE shower curtain rod, GRUNDTAL S hooks, FINTORP pots and some spray paint as your supplies.

See more at: Jillma

Upholstered Bench

Ikea hacks Dwellings By Devore

Give a modern look to your bedroom with IKEA’s long TV Stand. Can’t spot it here? It’s been modified into the gilded bench at the end of the bed.

See more at: Dwellings by DeVore

Hanging Nest Pendant Lights 

 Ikea hacks by Ikea Hackers

You can add glamour to your dining table with these gorgeous lamps for about $100.

See more at: IKEA Hackers

 DIY Retro Storage Makeover


Ikea hacks Retro Storage


Create this colourful  DIY storage unit by drilling circular holes on the drawers. Want to go for a more classic look? Add some hardware instead.

DIY Colour Block Storage


Ikea Hacks by Sugar Cloth


Last but not least, we are bringing you this colourful storage cabinet. Just add touches of your favourite colours to the IKEA cabinet doors and your kids will fall in love with it for sure.

See more at: Sugar & Cloth

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