Sell Your Home for a Low Fixed Fee with Upside, Styled by Our Team

The 2 Belindas and our expert team of stylists at RARE, are proud to partner with Upside Realty - the new innovative, full service way to sell your home - without commissions or the expensive price tag.

We strongly believe that you are leaving money on the table if you don’t pay attention to the detail, when presenting your property for sale. Ensuring that your home is presented at its absolute best and styled to attract attention, and generate emotion, is key to driving buyers to pay more across every demographic.

TV shows like The Block, Renovation Rules and Selling Houses Australia are fuelling expectations and prompting people everywhere to improve the look of their homes. When your house goes to market it will be competing with these expectations, so if it’s not beautifully styled, it might look less attractive in comparison.  
To pay a professional stylist to do this for you, to assess your home and hire furniture for a complete sales campaign can cost at least $12,000 and take hours of your time. However, over the last 20 years of selling property, we have discovered that most people have the capacity to do the simple things themselves.
With a little help and for a fraction of the cost, styling your property for sale can be a painless process with outstanding results which will help you achieve the right look to attract buyers and drive a premium price by doing the things that actually count.
No matter where you are located, our style consultants will spend an hour with you on Skype or Facetime, look around your home and develop ‘Styling to Sell’ Report tailored to your home and the property demographic. This comprehensive report will highlight recommended improvements that have the capacity to increase your potential for profit, and all within your budget. This report will be dropped into your Upside online portal so you can refer to it at any time.
You will have clarity on exactly what to do and what not to do to your property, before listing it on the market.
Consultancy via Skype, telephone or Facetime with a professional stylist.
Full Styling to Sell report with home improvement recommendations, product suggestions, estimated repair costs (if any) and other styling tips.
A team of talented and professional stylists and Real Estate enthusiasts, headed by The 2 Belindas, full time property flippers, renovation consultants and styling-for-sale specialists
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