As DIYers, there are moments where procrastination gets in the way of starting that painting project. This happens to all of us! Getting started can be tough.   So I asked Shaynna to share her expert tips:-

Hi Shaynna, you and I are both firm believers that painting offers the biggest ‘bang for the buck’ when renovating, so why do you think that people take so long to get started?

People procrastinate! Taubmans conducted research that showed that, whilst most love the social element of painting alongside family and friends, they also find lots of ways to procrastinate because they feel the task is overwhelming. The research showed that people don’t think they have the necessary skills to get a job done and find it hard to make decisions about style and colour. I think many Australians feel their homes should be a reflection of themselves, but they often come unstuck on how to turn their goals into reality. What they need is a deadline and some tips on how to break the job down into manageable chunks, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

If they cannot decide on what paint colour to use, what can you suggest to help them?

Firstly, I’d recommend participating in Paint in 8. It’s an eight-week program devised to get the creative juices flowing, break the decisions and the task down into bite-sized chunks and make the painting journey a fun one. Choosing colour is all about taking inspiration from the things around you that you love. As part of the Paint in 8 program, I suggest finding 3 pictures that inspire you, and using them to select your style. Finally whittling down to one picture, you’ll have a basis for your colour choice, or choices, and the style of the space you’re painting.

What has been your favourite Taubman’s colour this Summer?

My favourite colour is Silver Mink in Taubmans Endure, it’s a play on the pastels but richer.

What are your tips on choosing a colour for a very small room?

The shape and size of your room is no doubt going to impact your colour decision. Light colours work well to open up smaller spaces, but it is all about selecting a colour with a cool base to make if feel not only fresh but cool colours recede (meaning they give the illusion of the colour standing back)

If someone has never painted before, how can they find out what to do?

If you’ve never painted before, do not fear, there are simple tools out there such as Taubmans Paint in 8. It’s an eight-week program that takes you through your painting journey from colour selection to choosing the right equipment for the painting task at hand. You can find out more about Paint in 8 at  

What do you tell someone who is overwhelmed at the amount of work to be done in their home?

One step at a time… It’s easy to feel overwhelmed – from selecting style and colour, to knowing the right quantities and which tools to have ready, painting can seem like a big job. That’s why breaking it down into manageable, weekly tasks turns it into a painless process. The Paint in 8 program does this neatly for you and allows you to tick off the little jobs to create a more practicable task. Start with finding your inspiration, and that will help guide you to your favourite colour and style. The next steps are to buy the right equipment, plan your paint day and prepare the space. Paint in 8 offers tools to get each of these tasks done, with a minimum of fuss and hassle. It is so easy to give up during the process of selecting your colour let alone getting the paint on the walls.  Paint in 8 holds your hand through this whole process and lets you tap into the Paint in 8 community for moral support.

Are there any painting jobs that you suggest to leave up to the experts?

It all depends on your level of expertise and confidence at any stage of the process.  Some people might decide once they have the colours and style selected with Paint in 8, they might want a professional painter to take over and we have the perfect opt out for this during the program.  So never feel you cant get the job done if you don’t want to physically paint it yourself.

Paint in 8 by Taubmans is an eight week program that is designed to help Australian DIYers overcome painting procrastination. Each week a new module will take participants through tasks from colour selection to choosing the right equipment for the painting task at hand. To find out more about Paint in 8, or to participate in the programme, visit:

Shaynna Blaze heads Taubmans paintin8 program

Shaynna Blaze head Taubmans Paint in 8 program

I encourage you to join the 8 week paint in 8 challenge!!  –  Belinda Smith x

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