5 Tips to Designing a Romantic Bedroom

There’s more than just putting on some sexy tunes and rose petals to change the mood in your bedroom. A dash of creativity and design can do wonders and make every night magical. Whether you want to woo your significant other or you’re just interested in a romantic-themed bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. Our guest contributor Kate Sicangco shows how to create the right atmosphere and have the perfect romantic bedroom for you and your honey with the following 5 tips:-

1. Wall Colour Change
One sure way to show you want a little change in the bedroom is to repaint the walls and ceiling. Go for warm colours that draw you deeper into the bedroom. Colours that are synonymous to passion and desire mostly lean on shades of red like raspberry red or a deep ruby. Black is also an interesting shade to play with. You will find it way easier to achieve your romantic dream room with the right backdrop to work with.

moody wall paint colour

2. Scented-candles
It’s a must to ignite all the senses when you truly want to romance somebody. Candles are magic when it comes to that. Popular romantic scents are cinnamon, vanilla, and black licorice. You can also try something unique like the scent of clean sheets that will remind you of waking up in sweet and cozy mornings with your loved one. Light up these candles during the day or nighttime and you’re in for a treat. They’re excellent in creating a mood, that’s for sure.

scented candles in Bed

3. A Bed Canopy
Make every night a honeymoon or add a little mystery in the bedroom with this bed accessory. What’s great about this tip is that it’s something you can do yourself. You can install towel bars, curtain rods or a round embroidery hoop on the spot right above your bed and simply slip an abundant amount of your favourite sheer or curtain panels.

bed canopy

Image credit: http://www.thebudgetdecorator.com

4. Warm Beddings
If you think romantic-themed bedrooms must always have red-coloured beddings to exude warmth and passion, think again! Romance isn’t just about fiery passion, it’s also about warmth and comfort. If you’ve already applied the previous tricks, a set of comfortable blankets and pillowcases that can help you to de-stress and focus on the good and sweet things in life. What’s even more romantic is draping soft Icelandic sheepskin over plain white linen to tickle your fingertips or use it on the floor to tickle your toes.

sheepskin throw

5. Nostalgia
Real romance is about building–or in this case, rebuilding a connection with your special someone. Sometimes, you don’t have to look far and wide for that perfect ingredient to boost the romance with these memories of your past. One of the best expressions of love is showing that you remember bits and pieces of the past that led right to where you both are now. Personalised trinkets, memorable photographs, beautifully framed warm you up from the inside.

Remember to make these ideas your own. Go beyond the cliche, because romance is about being personal. With these tips, make decorating your bedroom a personal, thoughtful experience for you and your partner and rest assured that you won’t just be spicing things up, but you’re going to be tending that fire burning for a long time.



Guest poster: Kate Sicangco


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