We Want You to Achieve the Best Renovation and Property Investment Result You Can!

At Oohm we share Facebook posts (also Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Linkedin,Googleplus and YouTube) about creating beautiful homes and budget renovating. We also provide research on property investing and how building a better home space can change your life both physically and financially.
The truth is, successful renovating and investing involves the entire process:- understanding the property market/economy, buying well, adding value and selling at profit or holding and doing it again, sticking to what works for you in your circumstances. Even with little money it is possible to get into the property market and start creating wealth bit by bit by building a better home. Let us guide you to your dream life. It is what we have done and we started with no experience either when we started all those years ago. If we can do it on average wages, you can too. Read our story – http://oohm.com.au/the-two-belindas/

We admit that keeping up to date with what is happening in local and international economies is not the most exciting part of our world and reading the Financial Review is not as joyous as reading a Womans Day!  However, whatever method you choose (TV/newspapers/SkyNews/Investor magazines etc) keeping up to date is crucial, so that you can make your own sound judgements on what to buy and what to leave, where to buy and more importantly, where NOT to buy. There are great online resources and we will share the best ones to help you avoid the confusion of what you need to know.

We believe that it is necessary to develop skills that support you to make the best choices, not just making a house look pretty with a cosmetic or stuctural renovation so it looks better and feels nice (and it does!!) but to grow a stronger financial base for you and your family through educated property choices. You deserve it and we’d love to see you do it!!!!

So, we will continue to share a variety of relevant topics on Social Media  and will answer any questions that you have (renovation or otherwise). Post them on FB or send them to us via. info@oohm.com.au #AskUsAnything.

We will help you here at oohm.

Its never been about the money for us, its about lifestyle for our families and about helping newbies get started so that they can experience the lifestyle benefits renovating and growing a property portfolio brings without the pitfalls and stress.

Before you sign up to attend a $7,000 renovation course, instead #AskUsAnything and the 2 Belinda’s will answer your queries personally and for FREE!!
We hate to see anyone renovating at a financial loss. It is not the way it needs to be. Putting your heart into a project deserves a profitable and successful outcome. You just need to follow the right strategies to make sure you achieve this.

Look at this disastrous financial loss by these well intentioned, but inexperienced boys who finished with the worst renovation result ever.  Don’t make the same mistake – be informed to make better decisions.

In the new financial year we will be sharing our new improved information and inspirational home improvement site R.A.R.E. – Renovate And Real Estate where you will learn how to build better homes in all aspects. Sharing and educating others to build the life they want through creating Real Estate profits is our passion.

All the best and look out for R.A.R.E. – The 2 Belinda’s

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