Choosing a colour for bedroom walls is a big decision and white seems to be the most popular choice.  However, there have been more and more rooms popping up that are a dark, moody colour. Black is a bold choice for a bedroom!.  Yes, it is a risk, but these rooms prove that if you do it right it can look amazing! Here are some quick tips for using black in the bedroom and a little inspiration!

Quick Tips For Using Black

– If the room is small be careful using black. Think about just painting one wall in black or usiing a charcoal instead.

– Lighten the room and create contrast by choosing whites and creams for bed linen, black looks great with natural materials like linen or woven cotton.

– For a really dramatic look style a black bedroom with textiles in other dark tones like grey and charcoal. This would work in a larger room.

– A great rug can help create contrast in a black room, a rug in natural materials or a faded kilim rug to add colour would work perfectly.

– Artwork looks fantastic on a black wall. It’s a great opportunity to add some colour or lighten the room with an artwork in whites and creams. A large painting looks great on a plain black wall.


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