I don’t know about you, but I have always been a lover of indoor plants. There is just something about a bit of greenery in a space that makes it more inviting! Not only do indoor plants look fresh, but they can also add colour and interest to a room. Indoor plants don’t have to be stuck in the corner of the room in a boring pot, there are plenty of fun ways to decorate with them!

I love this idea! Why not wall mount your plants? These plants look great hung on the wall like this and would add to any bare wall, in place of artwork. This idea would look particularly great in an entrance. Choose the right plants and they shouldn’t need too much attention, also a great choice if your wanting to change the plants regularly.


A ceramic pot can look nice, but for a wow factor this idea is perfect. Using large woven baskets as plant holders look fantastic! There are plenty of patterns and colours when choosing the right baskets for your plants, which means you can easily mix and match. This look gives off a casual, relaxed vibe, while being more interesting than your standard pots. These baskets would look great paired back with ceramic pots in plain colours.


A hanging planter can look great in a living area and add that little touch of greenery to the room. Its a great choice in a small room where floor space is precious. Hanging planters seem to be everywhere at the moment in an array of materials and colours, but this copper planter is perfectly on trend!


A cactus is always a popular choice for an indoor plant, they are easy to look after and come in many different varieties. Grouping different cacti together looks fantastic and choosing different heights makes the vignette a little more interesting. A good choice for anyone who isn’t much of a green thumb (me included!).


Another fun way to decorate with plants is by using teacups as little pot plants. This looks beautiful with a few grouped together, or just a single plant on a bedside table would also look great. Its a easy way to display any lovely teacups that are in the cupboard and is good in a small space, where just a touch of greenery is needed.


Succulents are always a popular choice for inside or outside! They are a hardy plant that will survive almost anywhere. I particularly love the idea of mixing all the different tones and colour of succulents together in a large pot like this, it’s just so eye catching! This is an easy one to diy and could work in any type of large pot. This could be a beautiful centrepiece to a dining table, coffee table or entry table.


This hanging garden looks great! This type of garden would look fantastic in a large room and would be a project to diy. The great thing about this hanging garden is that the plants can easily be removed for watering and also can be changed at any time, if you feel like mixing things up. This would work particularly well near the kitchen as a garden for herbs and greens.


This is a clever and quirky way of using plants to decorate. The use of different little plants in mismatched pots, the glass bottles and other items mixed in works perfectly. This idea creates a lovely vignette for an unused corner of the room. This would also work in the dining room, living room or even in the bedroom on an unused dresser.


What a great use of an old bar cart! This is a great way to display a whole bunch of plants together, it’s a little bit outside the box. The different levels add interest and the gold bar cart adds a touch of glamour to the room. This one would also be an easy one to change up when you find a new plant to add, and with wheels you can move it to any corner of the house!


Terrariums are really on trend at the moment, you can’t seem to read a home magazine without one popping up in the glossy pages. It’s a clever way to decorate with indoor plants and it’s easy to make them look interesting. These hanging terrariums look great and would work in a corner of the room or even as a centrepiece. With the popularity of terrariums at the moment it is easy to find all the bits and pieces to make your own.

Think outside the box when finding fun ways to decorate with plants. Use different vessels and containers that you have lying around, use plants of different sizes and mix different varieties together, you can’t go wrong with greenery!

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