Choosing a kitchen floor is a big decision and the options are abundant, so what should you look for? Everyone will have a different focus when deciding on which type of flooring to choose, whether it’s price, durability or look. Here is an overview of different kitchen flooring options to help you make that big decision!
1. Wooden Floorboards

Wooden floors are a popular pick, not only in the kitchen, but in all rooms of the house. If your kitchen is open plan, the use of timber floorboards may be a good choice in keeping the floors the same throughout the entire living space. Wooden floorboards really do create a warmth in any space and beneath the feet while cooking in the kitchen. Floorboards are relatively low maintenance, but obviously need to be treated properly and can scratch and dent if not careful. Any spill can be easily wiped away and weekly cleaning is all that is needed to keep this type of flooring looking great. Regarding cost, wooden floorboards are not the cheapest option, but do offer good quality for money.

Price guide: From approx $40/m2.

2. Tiles

Tiles are one of the most obvious options when thinking of kitchen flooring. If it is durability that you are after, this is the way to go. Tiles can withstand moisture, heat and sunlight without damage or fading. Easy to look after and clean, means tiles are a great option in a high traffic area like a kitchen where wear and tear is something that needs to be considered. There are so many different tiles on the market, that you can achieve so many different looks with tiles. If it is variety you want then tiles are the way to go for your kitchen.  Cost can vary depending on which type of tiles you choose, but it is a relatively budget friendly option, with lots of looks to choose from.

Price guide: From approx $20/m2.

3. Vinyl

When you think of vinyl it may conjure up images of peeling corners and bubbly finishes, but rest assured things have changed when it comes to vinyl. One of the best vinyl product on the market is vinyl planks and tiles made to look like natural wood. These products look surprisingly like the real thing, but without the cost of natural wood. The low cost is one of the most attractive things about choosing vinyl for kitchen flooring along with the fact that it is easily installed, so great for DIYers. Vinyl flooring is a durable and easy to maintain option for the kitchen, and wont soak up spills while cooking. Have a look at the newest ranges of vinyl for the kitchen and you will be surprised!

Price guide: From approx $15 per square metre.

4. Stone

Natural stone is a unique and luxurious choice when it comes to kitchen flooring. No two pieces of stone are exactly the same, giving a beautiful finish. Stone like limestone, granite or slate can look gorgeous in a kitchen and give a nice texture underfoot. Depending on which stone you go for the cost can vary a lot and some need to be sealed for protection. For example slate is probably the lower end of the price scale, whereas marble can be very expensive. Some natural stones, such as Travertine do have tendency to scratch and mark, so do your research before choosing the type of stone you will use in the kitchen. On the upside there really isn’t another material that gives the same feel and look as natural stone, it is a beautiful choice for any kitchen.

Price guide: Depending on the type of stone prices will vary widely. Slate from approx $25/m2. Marble can be from approx. $80/m2.

5. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a popular choice, is on trend and can work in most rooms of the house. It’s a great neutral choice, in terms of colour and can be softened with rugs and textiles. For use in the kitchen polished concrete is a good choice for many reasons, it’s easy to clean, cool underfoot and durable. The downside to polished concrete is that it has to be installed by a professional and it can be pricey, depending on colour and finish. It also has to be re-sealed after 2-5 years. Concrete flooring works as a blank canvas, so if you get sick of it or prospective buyers don’t like it, it can easily be covered with a different choice of flooring. There are different ways to finish your polished concrete flooring with the choice of adding colour or having a resin finish, which means the floor will last longer without having to be re-sealed. All these factors affect the pricing.

Price guide: From $50-$75 per square metre.

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