Good things come in small packages, as the saying goes, these kitchens prove that! With some beautiful finishes, clever storage and great styling these kitchens are perfectly small. Its all about making the most of the space you have!


This kitchen might be tiny, but it is cleverly done. The open shelving above the sink not only creates storage, but looks great! Also the open shelving is a better choice in a small kitchen, than bulky overhead cabinets. Keeping it white creates a sense of space and openness.


This small kitchen has cleverly created storage ideas that really make the most of the space. The open shelving above the top cabinets is great extra storage and perfect for displaying beautiful things. Who would have thought hanging chopping boards on the wall would look so good! Its a clever way to add interest and also keep everything in its place.


This guesthouse kitchenette really packs a punch! The eye catching use of colour turns a tiny space into a fun, inviting area. Clearly a practical kitchenette, it is made fun and interesting with the colourful kick board, pastel fridge and choice of artwork. This space is a good reminder that colour can really make any space more inviting!


Bold Lighting and clever use of space
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4. Bold Lighting and clever use of space

This kitchen has used every inch of space, even managing to include a little built in seat. The styling in this kitchen is really what sets it off. The rug, the cushions and the greenery make this small space so inviting. Though the thing that really gets your attention is the choice of pendant lights. Its a bold choice, but one that’s adds drama to this tiny space.


In such a small kitchen an area to actually sit down and eat is a stretch, but this has been done so cleverly! Keeping the breakfast bar open gives a greater sense of space, while also providing a spot for the stools to be stored when not in use. The beautiful wide timber bar is money well spent in adding beauty and practicality. Once again the open shelving and pendant lights make this small kitchen a winner!

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