With the cost of living today, it is hard enough to find enough money to cover the bills, so how can you create a beauty full home and give it a new look. Our home is our sanctuary away from all the stresses of modern life so should feel nourishing and nurturing for your soul. Today we share a few ways to create that beauty full abode for less than $20.

You will need to get your hands dirty by doing a little DIY home decor, but what joy you will feel once you have created a new look.



1.What look do you want to create?

2. What can you revamp to add a new colour or texture?

3. So with some paint, paint and more paint and maybe a little gluing too you can revamp so much.

Choose the look you’d love to create. Mine is Scandinavian and here are my inspiration images.

via flickrscandi 2

Paint Some Old Picture Frames


Paint an old suitcase and add something quirky like these old belts as magazine storage.

DIY With Paper

DIY With Paper – via pinterest

A great way to cover up ugly walls.




Pallet Coffe Table

Make A Pallet Coffe Table – here


Create Some Wall Art

Create Some Wall Art – here



via pinterest

via pinterest

Revamped Tins - here

Revamped Tinshere



Embellish Some Tins

Embellish Some Tins

tinsCreate Some Decor Accessories – here

Handmade Bowls

Handmade Bowlshere


Reinvent - here


Join A Little Copper Pipe

Join A Copper Pipe As Decor



Create A New Rug – here

bag wearescout


Decorate Some Paper Bags

Decorate Some Paper Bags via pinterest